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Azi Mystery V Neck Midi abiman

Enjoy a fantasy-like adventure, show your passion for traveling far and wide into different civilizations and culture, all by wearing a symbolic yet stunning outfit like this. For a dress that can be paired with just about anything, the Asia Mystery V-Neck Midi Dress has a sexy siren touch to it. Its beautiful V-Neck design not only defines your neck, it goes a step further by gracefully designing any necklace you decide to wear on this beautiful dress. You can choose to wear any talisman jewelry as a symbol of bravery. Go for the girl feral look in this vintage dress that holds an enduring appeal. By wearing this patterned outfit, you shroud yourself in a sultry mystery that no one would dare ignore.

  • Materyèl: Koton ak twal
  • Koule: V-Neck
  • Style: Ansyen
  • Abiye Length: Mid-ti towo bèf
  • Manch Length: Mwatye
  • modèl Ekri an lèt detache
  • Taille: Natirèl
  • Silhouette: Ki lach
  • Kolye: V Collar
  • Colour: Black, Red, Rose Red


Length: 115cm, Jarèt: 100cm, Sleeve: 35cm

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