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Maryaj abiye Maryaj abiye 2014 Maryaj abiye Rekòmande New Arive Beach maryaj abiye

Dreamy and fairytale alike, this beautiful piece is superlative among the dresses. The thoughtfully placed 3D butterflies are really one of a kind and rarely seen. The A-line silhouette will make you flawless and dazzling. It does look simple but it will do the trick, it is one of the oldest tricks in the fashion book, fitted at the upper and flaring in the bottom part. It has spaghetti straps with O-neckline exposing your cleavage making you look attractive. The long flaring and flowy skirt with ankle-length created from multiple layers of fabric giving depth and volume to it. The upper with the bottom part create the perfect blend of sexiness and attractiveness with elegance and romance. Wear this dress practically everywhere, as a party dress into the local club, or as a daily dress for a walk in the near park, or for a brunch with your family and you can even consider it wearing it on your wedding way as a perfect way to stand out from all of the ordinary dresses.

  • Materyèl: May, Dantèl, Voile, Lanon, Chiffon, Assorted
  • Style: Bohemian
  • Silhouette: A-Line
  • décoration Dekorasyon
  • Manch Style: Espageti Strap
  • Taille: Anpi
  • Koule: O-kou

S: Bust 82CM ,Waist 66 CM ,Lenght 126 CM
M: Bust 86 CM ,Waist 70 CM ,Lenght 129 CM
L: Bust 90 CM ,Waist 74 CM ,Lenght 131 CM

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