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Koton Blan Wrap vlope

You've all seen those romantic movies with a woman standing on the beach in a long white flowing robe as she gazes out at the ocean. Or maybe she's walking hand in hand with her beau as the sun sets over the sea. Now you can be that woman in soft flowing cotton sitting seaside and sipping a tequila sunrise in the sunshine! This long lightweight 100% cotton wrap can also be worn after the sun goes down with a sleeveless sundress. Versatility adds so much value to this casual cardigan. Wearable with some cute denim capris, a tank top and sandals or pair with a summer sundress to keep you cozy when the cool ocean breeze rolls in. It's an essential cardigan that adds a classic femininity to whatever you are wearing. Three-quarter sleeves with Asian inspired button and sash closure with a deep V neck. One size.

  • Manch: Twa trimès
  • Kalite Fèmen: Wrap Belt
  • Twal jan de: Worsted
  • décoration Drape, sipliye, sashes
  • Kolye: V-Neck
  • Modèl jan de: Solid
  • Rad Length: Long
  • Twal: Koton 100%
  • Style: Pou Plezi, Vintage

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